Friday, October 26, 2012


Scarf is finally complete! A few days later than planned though, as I had to buy another ball of wool, as it really wasn't long enough (probably could have been narrower, but as I unravelled it 3 times when I started, I really didn't feel like doing it again, in order to make it narrower and thus longer). But not to worry, all done now, and wonderfully warm.

I did a moss stitch, after seeing a friend Lizi doing it. I'm such a terrible copier, sorry Lizi! I am rather taken with the texture it has created, especially when using a chunky yarn. 

And here it is, modelled by yours truly, looking a tad self-conscious...

I also thought I'd show off my trip-related literature (I use this term loosely, of course). Purchased from the financially pleasing Book Depository (cheap AND you get a parcel in the mail! Win-win!), to help me plan my short stay in London in January. I am well aware it is going to be freezing, but I figured that once I have had my fill in the shops (which I intend on spending a large amount of my time in), I may like to keep myself warm whilst seeing the sights and boroughs of old London town. 
And the Vintage Guide to London is a must, as, after all, I do like my stuff vintage. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


When trawling through some old images on my computer, I came across these, that document a lovely day out i had last year at Como House in South Yarra. Elizabeth and I went along to see a costume exhibition, but as there was no photography allowed inside, we had to make do with some happysnaps out and around the property. Fortunately, the historic house and gardens are glorious, so we were just as happy to poke around the old kitchens and servants quarters as we were inside the main house, looking at the lovely clothes. 

What with Downton Abbey season 3 currently showing in the UK (totes cant wait for it to air on shitty channel 7 here in Australia, so am streaming it as the episodes are aired) and the recently concluded series Miss Phryne Fisher's Murder Mysteries on the ABC (with the house featuring in numerous scenes and episodes), I think it to be entirely appropriate to show these, even if they are hardly recent! 

This last shot is of me, just after I had spilt the juice on my sleeve... Also featured is the last scarf I knitted, mostly during a long stint of night-shifts, much to the amusement of the security guards. Speaking of scarves, the one I mentioned in my very first post is almost done! Just have to remind myself how to cast off, and she will be finished. Shall have pictures up soon. 

Anyhoo, off to enrol in units for uni next year...Ancient Egyptian Language anyone?? Am tempted, but also slightly concerned that I am subconsciously trying to emulate Rachel Weiss in the first Mummy movie...


(p.s. Have to give credit to Elizabeth and her SLR for the photos) 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012


Just a couple of shots of Megan from season 5 of Mad Men, and her great hair

A shob (long-bob for those not in the know) done well. 

That is all.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012


The lovely Lauren over at Blooming Leopold has just (and I really mean just! Literally moments ago) released her latest Fall Winter 2013 lookbook. A delightful mix of dip dye and marble-effect dye on silk to create gorgeous patterns on simply cut tops, dresses and bottoms. I've always had a thing for the marble-effect, go giddy when I come across a lovely old book with the first and last pages in marble print. All very Dickensian (Bleak House, Great Expectations etc etc.), which is just fine by me. 

But anyway, onto the lovely looks, which, coincidently, were shot with the help of her equally talented sister Rhiannon of the Liebemarlene fame. Talent really does run in the blood. 

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Saturday, October 13, 2012


Ooooh I do love a court shoe, with just a smidgeon of a heel and just the right amount of chunkyness. I own some much loved Ferragamos in Ox Blood (such a great name for a colour), but my unfortunate trotters have done their fair share of use and abuse, so I think it's time to look ahead for another perfect pair. 

Enter Valentino (I serious cant get enough of them).

I'll have one in every colour thanks. 

A slight shame about the $1,439 price tag. Thanks for ruining it for me Net-a-Porter.

Maybe Santa??

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Friday, October 12, 2012


So freakin beautiful. Amazing hair, great bitch-face stare, handsome older man and gets better with age. What more could a girl want?

But seriously, so freakin beautiful. 

All images from Fuck Yeah Lauren Bacall


Just a spot of evening sewing to keep me sane during the stress that is the end of the semester. Have never really been one for eye masks, as I never liked how the free ones you got on the plane would pull across the bridge of your nose. Then there are the lovely heat pack style ones, but they always fall off when I sleep.

So hopefully I am getting the best of both situations here: elastic to keep it on the head, with lovely soft cottons and warm wool batting for comfort. 

Certainly not the most well constructed (I was watching Nigella's Christmas series, so was naturally distracted), but a good starting point. Have raised the arch for the nose, so as to not put pressure against my [largish] nose, but I think next time I shall straighten the top line, and bring in the sides a bit. 

And now just to wait to try it out tonight! 

Here it is in action. Delightful, non?

Thursday, October 11, 2012


There are a lot of reasons why I am not the best of students, but one that constantly comes to my mind whilst in my Visual Culture classes is that the art I prefer is what all artists of the Avant-Garde movement were rejecting and removing themselves from.

My kind of art is that of portraiture. I love it because I can see the real person (even if it is an idealised version), the person who lived, breathed, ate, dressed and was, hundreds of years ago. 

Just give me a painting of a wealthy woman from the 16th century, elaborately dressed and coiffured, with a half smile on her face, and i'm pretty content.

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