Tuesday, October 23, 2012


When trawling through some old images on my computer, I came across these, that document a lovely day out i had last year at Como House in South Yarra. Elizabeth and I went along to see a costume exhibition, but as there was no photography allowed inside, we had to make do with some happysnaps out and around the property. Fortunately, the historic house and gardens are glorious, so we were just as happy to poke around the old kitchens and servants quarters as we were inside the main house, looking at the lovely clothes. 

What with Downton Abbey season 3 currently showing in the UK (totes cant wait for it to air on shitty channel 7 here in Australia, so am streaming it as the episodes are aired) and the recently concluded series Miss Phryne Fisher's Murder Mysteries on the ABC (with the house featuring in numerous scenes and episodes), I think it to be entirely appropriate to show these, even if they are hardly recent! 

This last shot is of me, just after I had spilt the juice on my sleeve... Also featured is the last scarf I knitted, mostly during a long stint of night-shifts, much to the amusement of the security guards. Speaking of scarves, the one I mentioned in my very first post is almost done! Just have to remind myself how to cast off, and she will be finished. Shall have pictures up soon. 

Anyhoo, off to enrol in units for uni next year...Ancient Egyptian Language anyone?? Am tempted, but also slightly concerned that I am subconsciously trying to emulate Rachel Weiss in the first Mummy movie...


(p.s. Have to give credit to Elizabeth and her SLR for the photos) 

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  1. We need to revisit Como in the warmer months...or at least go somewhere else soon.