Friday, October 26, 2012


Scarf is finally complete! A few days later than planned though, as I had to buy another ball of wool, as it really wasn't long enough (probably could have been narrower, but as I unravelled it 3 times when I started, I really didn't feel like doing it again, in order to make it narrower and thus longer). But not to worry, all done now, and wonderfully warm.

I did a moss stitch, after seeing a friend Lizi doing it. I'm such a terrible copier, sorry Lizi! I am rather taken with the texture it has created, especially when using a chunky yarn. 

And here it is, modelled by yours truly, looking a tad self-conscious...

I also thought I'd show off my trip-related literature (I use this term loosely, of course). Purchased from the financially pleasing Book Depository (cheap AND you get a parcel in the mail! Win-win!), to help me plan my short stay in London in January. I am well aware it is going to be freezing, but I figured that once I have had my fill in the shops (which I intend on spending a large amount of my time in), I may like to keep myself warm whilst seeing the sights and boroughs of old London town. 
And the Vintage Guide to London is a must, as, after all, I do like my stuff vintage. 


  1. such a great scarf! kudos to you for knitting skills, gurl x

    1. Thanks Jess! It took a while, and prevented a fair bit of studying...but worth it