Sunday, October 7, 2012


Perhaps it's a tad misleading to have my first post of GARAGE SEWING featuring knitting, but in reality, i'm far more an avid sewer than knitter. Try as I might to understand knitting patterns, I just get completely confused and end up resorting to knitting a scarf (which may explain my giant scarf collection). 

But anyway, these little 100% English wool beauties shall indeed become [another] scarf, nice and warm, and chunky, as I am off to Italy to study in November, and really need to stock up on warming garments. As much as I love autumn and winter, I feel that my experience of Australian ones will not really prepare me for a European winter. 

And whilst I would love to whip up one of these ensembles, my skill level isn't quite ready for it.

Rather, i'll be referring to this great little booklet I picked up whilst op-shopping (thrifting for my American readers) many moons ago, in order to master the basics...

I'm thinking of moss stitching, inspired by a friend doing the same to her scarf yesterday at a crafternoon.

p.s. love the word 'crafternoon'. 

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