Friday, October 12, 2012


Just a spot of evening sewing to keep me sane during the stress that is the end of the semester. Have never really been one for eye masks, as I never liked how the free ones you got on the plane would pull across the bridge of your nose. Then there are the lovely heat pack style ones, but they always fall off when I sleep.

So hopefully I am getting the best of both situations here: elastic to keep it on the head, with lovely soft cottons and warm wool batting for comfort. 

Certainly not the most well constructed (I was watching Nigella's Christmas series, so was naturally distracted), but a good starting point. Have raised the arch for the nose, so as to not put pressure against my [largish] nose, but I think next time I shall straighten the top line, and bring in the sides a bit. 

And now just to wait to try it out tonight! 

Here it is in action. Delightful, non?

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