Sunday, November 18, 2012


Hey hey from Florence! 
Have finally arrived and settled in, having unpacked for our month-long stay and trying to master my [basic] Italian so as to not look like a complete fool when 'engaging with the locals' (as all guidebooks seem to phrase it). 
I actually started this blog with a mind to have it as a sort of travel diary, as I cringe terribly at the crap i've written in past private diaries. So that means more of key pictures and related text than just me woffling on. 

So, just one picture today (turns out the internet cant really hack it with the uploading of camera images, maybe shall try late at night, when everyone else is asleep and not on the net). This is the Duomo in Prato. We're (myself and other Monash students on the course) are staying in Prato, an ancient walled city about a 20 minute train ride outside of Florence. 
It is surprisingly nice to be able to escape the busy, touristy bustling streets of Florence, to come back to the more chilled out Prato. It has a history of its own, and plenty of day and night life, so really, we're getting the best of both worlds. 
Anywho, off to do some readings, as proper classes and tutes start tomorrow! The honeymoon period is over...

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  1. Wish you lots of luck with this trip! I hope everything'll go smooth and you'll have a great time :)
    Looking forward to your posts!

    xx Maria