Monday, January 28, 2013


My sister was complaining today that I didn't properly utilise this blog whilst I was away. Which is true. Apparently there weren't enough food pictures, or scenery snaps or holiday happenings in general. So here I am, attempting to rectify the issue. 

The following is a pretty picture heavy post of all the lovely food of my travels. I know I have already posted about food, but I don't care, that was months ago, and really, food takes up an enormous part of my life, so naturally, it also featured heavily in my travels too. 

 Chestnuts in the market

Green, veiny cabbages 

Antipasti course (four other courses followed) 

 Pastel coloured delights

Deer ragu for dinner 

 delicious macaroons

 lunch in Lucca with Aleks

French savoury delights

tea with Cecile

 Galette and Crepe for dinner with Cecile in Rennes

 lunch at River Cottage Canteen at Axminster

 Christmas dinner

Cheese at Daylesford Farm shop 

Lunch at Daylesford Farm cafe

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