Saturday, January 26, 2013


A little over a week ago now I attended the wedding of a dear family friend. I had strict instructions to ensure that I had arrived home from Europe in time for it, but was very glad I did, as it was a lovely event. 

The parents were up from the Valley, staying in a hotel on St Kilda road (the wedding being on it too), so we went over for drinks prior to the ceremony. 

The first image is of me doing a last-minute sewing job on my mother's dress, as the lining was hanging a bit too far down in places, so a few simple tacks held it in place.

I feel like my [recently cut and coloured] hair looks a bit like a wig in these photos, but oh well, i've always wanted to have a wig, so can't really complain! Here I am with the rest of the family (this was the best version out of many, even with my father's eyes closed)

The beautiful bride and her soon-to-be husband

Taking in the proceedings

The bride, her mother and her sister

Bloody gorgeous!

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