Tuesday, January 15, 2013


SORRY PEEPS! Turns out I'm a pretty lousy blogger. I just don't think it comes all that naturally to me, and though I enjoy the end product, I sometimes find it a tad hard to find the motivation to create something good! 

BUT I'm determined to change my ways - New Years Resolution if you will (alongside tap classes!) - inspired by a good friend telling me that as soon as she gained internet connection after a month without it, her first stop was my humble blog! So, in an attempt to get back into the swing of things, here is the first post of the new year...and it's all about showing off my shopping...sorry, not the most inspiring! 

May this be the first of many more to come (and hopefully ones with more exciting content, and maybe even some sewing!), and I only hope I have not lost my friend as a regular reader! 

Between finishing my uni course in Florence and going to the UK to spend Christmas with family, I made the trip to the capital of Brittany, Rennes to see my french friend, whom I've known since a French Exchange done way back in 2005 with my high school. Whilst I explored the city, ate, drank and caught up, I did have a special request to make of her - to take me to a french pharmacy so that I could stock up on all of the lovely skincare products I had read about on the net (mainly what Lisa Eldridge, the Nigella of makeup, had recommended). WARNING: I have become quite the skin care junkie, so apologies if this is all a bit dull! So, from left to right we have:

Avene Eau Thermal Soothing Contour Cream - have been wanting to start using an eye cream for a while, and I knew I could restock it easily here in Australia. Plus I use other Avene products, which I have been happy with. 

Nuxe matte lip balm - matte lip balm?! A brilliant invention, that gives soft happy lips sans shiny or stickiness! Genius. And a lovely glass pot too. 

La Roche Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid - A light, matte, high SPF facial sunscreen to wear under makeup for our horribly hot summer days

Bioderma Hydrabio Light Cream - Very hydrating facial moisturiser, which I have been using at night time, as it does not have any SPF. Very light but completely nourishing

Bioderma Crealine H2O - A very gentle, very effective cleanser and toner. Can be used to take eye makeup off without any irritation, and clean the face without any redness or reaction. 

Apart from the brush at the top of the image, I didn't really go with the intention of picking anything specific up. These all just came across my path, mainly in London (Selfridges, Boots and Superdrug being that main stores purchased from). From top to bottom:

Suqqu Cheek Brush - THE SOFTEST BRUSH EVER hands down. Also probably the most expensive brush...is Japanese in make, I seriously think they use kitten or bunny hair for it! (NOT fact, only guessed by it's softness)

No. 7 (Boots brand) Foundation brush - cheapish staple

MUA Fire Engine Red lip liner - this beauty cost me 2 pounds. God I love British drugstore makeup. Was purchased after the YSL lipstick, to match it's orangey-red colour

No. 7 nude lipliner - a staple

Origins Cream Eye Shadow - lovely tawny brown colour and lovely creamy texture that sets quite well on the eye, preventing creasing

Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup - After repeatedly going back to Estee Lauder beauty counters to stock up on samples of this foundation, I stopped being a tight arse and purchased an actual bottle of the stuff at duty free in Heathrow

YSL lipstick - Off to a wedding on Friday and wanted an orangey-red colour for my lips. Alas, the highstreet/drugstore lipsticks didn't have the right colour, so had to treat myself to a little YSL loveliness

It is always somehow very satisfying to know that you have a mixture of the rather expensive with the cheapest of cheap (and stuff somewhere in between). Case in point this next image. Burgundy Beanie from the Men's section of H&M, something like 7 euro. Then there is the Mulberry handbag, 'pheasant green calf hair', priced originally at a crazy 1200 pounds, but I picked up this beauty at the Mulberry Factory Shop post-Christmas sale for less than 1/3 of the original price! Winning. And finally, a pair of L.K. Bennett heels, also on sale and purchased for less than 1/4 of their original price. 

A bit of gold bling to liven up any of my dark outfits. The blue necklace was acquired from Zara in Florence, so quite cheap and cheerful. The two bangles and the ring was picked up from the Topshop flagship store on Oxford Street, but are not Topshop brand, but rather one of the independent brands they also sell. Can't actually remember the brand, but I was very much taken by their rough, bashed about quality. There is something ancient about them, like they could easily look right at home in display cabinets in the British Museum.

And finally (phew!) some random purchases. The green leather bag is from Topshop, picked up on the very last day, after looking for something like it (albeit in black) for the whole trip. The perfume is Stella McCartney, purchased in Singapore on the way over and worn every day since. British Elle magazine, in their cute smaller size, perfect for the plane and finally some M&S mints, in a cute tin!! (haha it's the simple things in life) 


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