Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I've become obsessed with...shirts. Cotton, linen, silk, silk-cotton WHATEVER! 
There is just something so effortlessly chic about them. And even better, they can be easily dressed up or down, so the perfect staple for a student wardrobe! I do obviously own a shirt or two already, but if my op-shopping luck has run dry, or I refuse to pay $99.95 for a 'basic' from Country Road, I realised I needed a back-up plan. 

Enter sewing. I can do it, I enjoy doing it, I have a blog named after it, so yeah, probably should have done this a while ago... But what with assignments and work and travels and such, the poor old Janome hasn't seen the light of day much. But a new leaf has been turned! 

With the help of the 50% off sale at The Fabric Store on Brunswick street Fitzroy (which ends on Sunday, so get down ASAP if you like large bolts of fabric like myself!), i've picked myself up some simple cotton, creamy-white, with a vertical chevron pattern through it (pictures to come at a later point - it is currently in the wash to encourage any shrinking to occur now, and not after the shirt has been made!).

Surprisingly, it was quite hard to find a female pattern for a slouchy shirt. Too many 'blouses' with horrific frills! But the lovely ladies at Colette Patterns have proved a god send, and I have selected their Negroni pattern, pictured below, to work from.  

I'll be making the long sleeved version, as shown below

And finally, before I start off, here are a bunch of lovely shirts that i'm taking inspiration from. 
Enough whittering on, be back soonish with my progress. Ciao!

A selection of shirts from Country Road and Trenery
Some lovely (but very expensive) numbers from EQUIPMENT

 And finally some version from Zara
(actually, I already own the one on the bottom left, classic chain store product though, looks nice but all the buttons fell off within days. Good thing I can sew!)

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