Thursday, February 14, 2013


AKA Swedish Hasbeens!

Delivered straight to my door from the beautiful Sweden, smelling all wonderful and of new leather. After a quick dampening of the leather to stretch them out a bit (damn wide feet of mine!), and a coat or two of olive oil (their recommendation), these utter beauties are ready for winter (yes, i'm already dreaming about winter).

View and be jealous!

Apparently this natural leather colour with darken with age and wear, which I am very much looking forward to. I already own a pair of SH boots, purchased in 2010 when in Helsinki, and they are indestructible! Admittedly, it does take some getting used to walking on the wooden heel/sole, as there really is no flexibility there, like other shoes, but once experienced, you can never go back! 

In other shoe-related news...

Here are my new tap shoes, already scuffed from two tap dancing lessons! It was a bit of a new year's resolution, decided when I was sitting on the sofa in my family's house in the UK, over the christmas/new year period. An email or two later, I had signed myself up to Adult Beginner Tap classes at Miss Glamour Puss' Studio in St Kilda. Suffice to say, the classes are wonderful and I am totally hooked!

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