Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Lately I have been...

cutting out the pattern pieces from the PDF version of the Colette shirt (previously blogged about)

Picking up the quilt I started over a year ago. The main body of it was done and dusted and put in the linen cupboard and forgotten about. After printing, matching and cutting out the above Colette pattern, I was a bit sick of it (short attention span, moi?!), so decided to finally finish this bad boy. All it took was an old flannelette sheet for the inner layer (adding some warmth without having to pay the ridiculous prices for natural fibre batting!) and an old op-shop purchased retro sheet for the back. Have since been machine sewing along the triangles, both to hold the layers together but also to create a nice diamond effect. 

Today I stopped by the Essendon Anglican op-shop, on my way home from fabric shopping (more on that later). It is one of my favourite Melbourne op-shops, as it is cheap, not too popular and is in a lovely old church hall. I much prefer the mish-mash and clutter of these types of op-shops to the ordered, colour-coded style of Vinnies and the Salvos. 

I picked up some zippers with metal teeth - a staple when op-shopping. They are usually only 20 or so cents, and are much nicer than the plastic ones available in Spotlight and Lincraft. 

Also got a small milk jug, because one can never have enough of those!

I'm such an Anglophile (I probably love the Mother Country more so than my British father!) and love a bit of royalty memorabilia. So when I come across beauties like the book below, I can't help but buy it and add it to my growing collection!

And even though I now have 6 drawers full of sewing patterns, I love to rummage through boxes of them at op-shops, and pick out my favourites (which are usually a mixture of ones I would actually want to sew, to ones purely for their comic value or their lovely retro illustrations)

I have some more to post, but may save it for another time.

Stay cool (for Australians, I mean that quite literally! 30+ degrees C for the rest of the week. Ehhhh.)

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  1. When you're taking orders, I'll have a red cape please!