Saturday, February 16, 2013


Am in the process of sewing up the shirt using lovely tartan/plaid fabric. As mentioned previously, I do love tartan, but by god I stress over the small stuff with it!

Case in point: the front pocket. 

When I placed the pattern piece on the fabric, my main objective was to make it nice an symmetrical, with the pocket flap matching the pocket itself. But then when it came time to attach the pocket to the shirt front piece, I discovered my error. See below. 

Now i could have just moved the whole pocket over an inch or so, but then it would have ben too close the where the buttons will eventually go. So I had to do this...

Trace the pattern pieces so that I could then draw in the lines of the fabric, so that when cutting out new pocket pieces, they would match up with the shirt front.

And whilst it took me three goes (stupidity on my part), I eventually got there. So here we have it, one nice, almost invisible pocket!

The end. 

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