Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Perhaps not the most exciting or innovative of collections for this season, but I am quite admiring of Sienna Miller and her sister's work on this seasons lot. VERY wearable, VERY chic, in that layered, loose way (which I like. A lot.) I wouldn't mind something from every one of the images below, be it the large lapelled, 2-coloured coat, or the blood red floor-length dress. 

I think i'm particularly drawn to this 'everyday wear' collection because uni is back in 2 weeks, and the thought of what to wear everyday (work has a uniform) that is a combination of nice, warm and has a degree of wind protection (Monash Clayton campus is like a wind tunnel). 

Plus it helps that all of these are very sew-able, and even if I never to get around to sewing up any versions of my own, the thought that I could, if i wanted to, is pleasing enough!

All images from Style.com

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