Sunday, April 21, 2013


Nothing of particular significance has been happening lately, at least, not enough to dedicate a whole post to. So instead, here is a pictorial round-up of whats been happinin' in my little world lately...

admiring armchairs

buying a couch

and a bookshelf/tv unit

and a 'bar'

picked this bad boy up op shopping in Barwon Heads the other day with a friend. this brings my shirt tally (since last posting about them) from 2 to 7

saw this set, but alas, didn't purchase. kind of regretting it

baked my first loaf of bread!

did some study (am not much of a poster-on-wall person, but studying an ancient language means lots and lots of colour coded posters...)

selling stuff on ebay! please feel free to go buy something!

finally a picture of the finished quilt (Helen, this is for you!). has been required the past few nights, as has been quite chilly

collecting various shades of red lipstick and an Egyptian motif ceramic container from my late grandmother

getting these beauties ready for walking

and these gorgeous coats ready for wearing
(would you believe that 4 out of these 6 coats came from op-shops? Well, perhaps from their style you could...they probably all came to no more than $30 altogether! Man i love it when the hard work pays off!)

And that's about it!

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