Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Anyone who knows me well knows that i LOVE Grand Designs (I also love Kevin quite a lot too...). And my by far, all time, most favourite episode just happened to be showing on ABC recently, so i thought i would screen-capture the crap out of it so that

a. i could save the images for ever and ever


b. i could share them with you!

This episode features a 30 something interior designer who is able to build the house of her (and my) dreams, on a plot below her mother's house. Beautifully tucked away down a steep driveway, the house is secluded and amazing and wonderful. 

WARNING: this is a very picture heavy post
(oh and sorry about the somewhat blurry images, ABC iview is to blame)

recycled and dud bricks are used cheaply and painted white

the balance of bright white with the silvering cladding 

spacious kitchen dining area (with Kev-Dog too! What a spunk)

bespoke wooden stairs, shelves and bench tops, that wrap around high street drawers and cupboards

lots and lots of lovely open shelving

AMAZING stairs. Hands down my favourite feature

front door leading right into main living area

smart use of book shelves - dividing the room, but keeping the space light and open at the same time

step down into lower level lounge room

lovely little fire place, wonderful parquet flooring and light flooding the room

minimal bathroom

parquet flooring extending to the first floor


I'd like to move in next week please. 

UPDATE: A good friend pointed out to me that the owner of above house has her own website, and by god, its chock full of her signature awesomeness. Have a look for yourselves


  1. THANK YOU! This is also my favourite GD house - so calming and so damned lucky that she could build in her Mums front yard! I found your blog from your comment about the Craftsy course on the Did You Make That blog and to find out that you also live in Melbourne is classic! I have also purchased that Craftsy course but as the weather has turned so cold, it may have to wait.

  2. Ha no problemo! It is always nice to see that people other than family and friends read this humble blog! I have definitely used the Craftsy course in terms of skills, but transferred to other sewing projects.