Sunday, May 19, 2013


Thanks to Tara-Lynn of good night, day, who blogged recently about these amaze-balls patchwork dresses. I can't quite explain why i love them so much, but mannn, i do. I think it is the combination of simple shift dress that i have been so very much digging of late (as previously blogged about), with a nod towards the wonderful world of patchwork and quilting (or at least, that is my opinion). 

The first two are those that Tara-Lynn featured herself, and the rest are ones that i picked out as honourable mentions from the Maryam Nassir Zadeh website. I feel that these lovely dresses have entered my world at just the right time, as what with uni soon finishing for the semester (two weeks and counting!), my mind is firmly set on sewing, and all the possible things i can make as soon as i have the time. And as i am also a lazy person by nature, i have decided that the first thing on the list will be another shift dress, as i know the pattern and know how it will turn out. 

But more on that laters. Lets just sit back and enjoy the prettiness shall we?

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