Thursday, May 16, 2013


Who could resist the combination of Japanese aesthetic and a $2 shop? Well, i should say $2.80 shop. Yes, I have fallen under the Daiso spell. For those of you not in the know, Daiso is an 'everything store', sort of recent to Australia. It is brilliant. Mind you, I have always had a soft spot for the cheap warehouse concept store. Reject Shop, Sam's Warehouse (known to all the Valley peeps out there), hell, even Aldi, if you can count it as one. 

I suppose my love of these places could be said to be linked with my love of the Op-Shop, as they're both places full of cheap crap, whereby you have to do a little digging before you uncover a gem. 

Perhaps i am not exactly doing the best for the environment, buying into this highly plastic world, but a girl has her weakness alright! 

Anyhoo, as there hasn't been much opshopin' of late (haven't been home to the Valley in agggessss), Daiso has filled the void. 

Now let us enter the colourful plastic world of cheapness

 first trip, a few weeks back

drink bottle (with cup!), cedar spoon and spatula thing, cup and saucer

tres cute, perfect for un cafe!

for Agatha

Agatha showing off her new collar (matches her eyes!)

glittery orange hairbrush, just because

spoon in its new home

In other news, as you may have figured out from above references, i got a cat! Attempt number two. Let's just say that my previous attempt resulted in living with a devil kitten. So cute to look at, but beyond ferocious (i still have the scars, six months later). Agatha came from the Lost Dogs Home in North Melbourne. She was begging to be taken home (i was told she had been with them for ages. She wasn't as playful as the other cats, but she loves a good head scratch). 

The end. 

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