Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Another Australian mid-century beauty to share with you, in an attempt to ease myself back into the blogging world (soz). 

Again, from the wonderful Design Files, this stunning Sydney home is the epitome of mid-century cool, and I could very easily live here. 

Growing up in a country town, and seeing the massive rise in popularity for new housing developments, filled with houses that all look the same, I find myself dreaming of one day purchasing my own mid century gem, hopefully from the original owners, who themselves have lived and loved for many years in a house they adored. I think I would even say that I am more keen on the idea of one day owning a house from this era, than having one of the many (beautiful in their own right) Victorian terrance houses that Melbourne are full of. I think I am just a massive sucker for huge amounts of glazing and endless light. 


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