Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I'd like to think that this post will become a bit of a feature, here at Garage Sewing. That is to say, I feature a lovely house for us all to drool over. I suppose i have already done this, in featuring other houses (mainly from the wonderful Design Files), but this can be the first official one, and if i remember in the future to name others like it under 'House Files', well then all the better!

I make no apologies for the crap nature of these images. I am no photographer. I own no nice camera. I use some samsung thing that i nicked off of my sister years ago, and my phone. The point is to see beyond the dodgy photographing skills to see the beauty of the image! Or at least that is what i am assuring myself...


Here are some lovely images, taken directly from Habitus mag's very pages (just think of it like we're flicking through the magazine together, taking in page by lovely page!)

Admittedly the downstairs looks a bit dark (i think it was once a garage), but imagine all the light streaming into the upper floor through those wonderful windows!

Really really like the dining room table and chairs. The chairs especially. 

Lovely light, white and bright kitchen. Simple cabinetry, great views and lots of colour added through the books, appliances etc. 

Especially like this colourful wall hanging. A great way to fill a kind of odd space

I don't even especially like pools, but the whole view of this outside area is just fabulous. 


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