Wednesday, July 24, 2013


A little catch-up of the life of moi. 

Agatha thoroughly enjoys sitting in boxes

Some pretty lamps at a nice homewares shop in Kensington. I was very close to buying the one on the right, but finances (or lack thereof) prevented the purchase. 

Testing Aldi wine. This wasn't too bad, for $7!

The chair and foot stool I wanted, thinking that my tax return was going to be significant. It wasn't. 

A much needed pick-me-up when in the city last. 

Rachel Khoo's chicken dumpling soup! Yummo!

Browsing the wonderful Lost Arc in Williamstown. I want sooooo much from there. The place is just great. Run by two old guys, who are totally relaxed, listening to RRR, and pottering about out back. A place you could spend hours in, just looking. 

A recent mother-daughters lunch at Bistro Guillaume, after seeing the Hollywood Costume exhibition at ACMI. Both were really good. Just in case you we re wondering, I had the steak tartare for entree, pork belly for main and creme brulee for dessert. Suffice to say, i had a food coma afterwards and napped for the rest of the afternoon.

New to me magazine i picked up on my way to work the other day. 'Rosso' here has an amazing house. May do detailed shots in future post.

Hand made gift for a friend's recent birthday. 

Admiring teapots.

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