Monday, July 22, 2013


I just can't get over how great the pattern company/blog/blogger Grainline (aka Jen Beeman) is. After years of sewing, I am FINALLY coming across patterns that are wearable, stylish, non-naff,  affordable and did i mention wearable?? Seriously. Any full time or even budding sewers out there well know that a very large percentage of commercial sewing patterns are terribly naff, and the ones that are okay or good, cost a bomb (or at least that has been my experience here in Australia). And then when you actually sew something up from such patterns, it ends up wayyyy too big and just a bit frumpy. 

Okay, end rant. 

Now enter Grainline, a company based in Chicago, personally giving me (in pdf form) a lovely pattern which results in a lovely garment - easy to sew and providing major punches in the awesome factor. 

Whilst my first purchase from Grainline was in fact the Archer Shirt, I am actually yet to sew that baby up. I think because I got it shortly after sewing up the Colette Negroni shirt (which, to be honest, i didn't really like the end result. Not entirely the pattern's fault, as i had a fabric that was just a tad too thick, even if it was wonderful in its checkeredness, but also yes, didn't love the design as much as i first thought i did. Previously blogged about here and here.) Anyway, i was a bit over sewing shirts (all those buttons!), so put the pattern in the To Do pile. 

Now, the Scout Tee. I had seen quite a number of versions of this tee on the net, and was very impressed. It seems to hang just right, and looks good in that baggy, almost too big kind of way. Basically any sort of top/blouse that Gorman makes (for about 10 times the price). Perfect [uni] wardrobe staple me thinks.

SO, long story short (soz, it took a while to get here), i've whipped up a few of these babies myself, and I can safely proclaim that this is one GREAT pattern. 

On the left is one i finished up just today. A silk cotton blend from The Fabric Store (awesome bargain, thanks to their recent VIP sale) and on the right we have a cute patterned silk from Tessuti (again, a steal thanks to a great sale on there).  

I have no idea if this fabric was meant to be plain dots, or if it is meant to be used on either side. I decided on using the 'wrong' side, so not plain dots, but rather larger ones, with the ends of the threads exposed. A nicer texture i think. 

And i also have no idea what this pattern is meant to be, but i really rather love it. I'm a sucker for yellow. 

Before finding the zen state which sewing Scout provides, i dabbled in a few other top styles. The yellow number below is Gertie's Portrait Blouse. Cute, especially with the darts and tucks at the front and back, but not something I would wear very often. Probably because i don't really wear skirts everyday, and this would only, in my humble opinion, look good over or tucked into a skirt. 

The floral fabric of the top on the right came from my stash, acquired during the closing down sale of Jobs Warehouse. This top is actually just a cropped version of the stripped shift dress i've posted about before. That pattern has certainly proved to be a goodn', with the large french darts providing just the right amount of looseness, whilst also giving subtle shape. 

Really digging this fabric. Am surprised it has taken me so long to sew with it. 

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