Saturday, August 31, 2013


A grainy recap of life this past month...

considering rag rugs

admiring pretty wire baskets (buckets? bins?)

terrible light, soz, but trying on tops in Country Road. Liked this top. Didn't like its price tag. I'll just have to sew one for this coming summer

chocolate sardines! each great on their own, even better combined!

Agatha hanging out

fabric shopping. this was during The Fabric Store's 50% off sale, so silk suddenly became soooo affordable!

LOVED this green rayon by Lisa Ho. alas, as per tag, remained $35 per metre. maybe next time.

ended up getting a couple of metres of this peachy pink crepe. done nothing with it yet, but envisioning a drapey dress for summer

contemplating growing out my fringe and getting hair cut this short next time

i attended a protest march! my father has been locked out (with 75 others) from the power station he works at. i went along because i never have attended one before (and probably never will again) 

i did get a free t-shirt out of it though! it reads ENERGY UNAUSTRALIA. also pictured are the first pair of runners i've owned in five years! please don't be fooled by exercise gear get-up, as after this was taken, i had a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit and read my book on the couch. dead comfy, i have to say!

found this lovely little book at the uni library the other day. russian in a wonderfully folky and idealised way. shame reality isn't quite like this

and this is generally how i roll - couch, book, cat. 

I voted! Early. Lesson learned last election when i was in a line for over an hour. 

Dinner with a friend. Yumo!

Lovely flowers, lovely tea (and cup), horrible study. 

My new garden!

Some 'Pet Grass', parsley, rosemary and some flowering succulent (is it just me, or are some succulents really freaky looking??)

Maiden hair fern, another (soon to be) flowering succulent and mint! 
I'm really growing up now, what with being a responsible pet AND plant owner!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Sorry, don't mean to repeat content but i couldn't not share with you my recent acquisition! My very own slice of Marimekko! 

I picked them up from a wonderful shop in Barwon Heads called Kiitos (according to the lovely shop owner, this means 'Thank you' in Finnish). I seriously love this shop. It is full of wonderful homewares, in bright colours and great designs. If anyone is heading down that way, they SERIOUSLY need to check out this place!

And the owner even threw in a free stack of matching napkins!

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Summer isn't my favourite season (correction: Australian summer), but if someone was offering me a Swedish summer house, in the Stockholm archipelago, well then, it really would be rude of me to refuse!

Such a house would/could/should resemble something like the beauty displayed below. Simple, refined and elegant in all of its concrete-y glory. Oh and that view! Mannn that view. 

I'll move in tomorrow, thanks. 


All images (and more) from

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Just setting up my humble blog on Bloglovin (my preferred blog reading/sorting/housing platform). Feel free to follow (or not!)


Mannn i LOVE Ari Seth Cohen's blog Advanced Style. I can't remember how i stumbled across it, a few years ago, but i am so glad i did. These women (and sometimes men) are fabulous! I just hope when i reach an advanced age, i'll be just as stylish as they are!

So here are just a couple of snaps of a fine lady named Christina Viera, today wearing pink Comme des Garcons, and totally owning it too!


Images from here

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I'm off to Torquay on Sunday to visit a friend, and whilst there, i intend to head over to Barwon Heads to check out the wonderful shop Kiitos. Fitted out in an old petrol station/garage (the lovely mid century kind, nothing like the Shell or BP ones today!), this shop stocks, among other wonderful things, the Finnish brand Marimekko. 

And mannnn do i love Marimekko!

I am determined to bring home a little piece of awesomeness this weekend, no matter the expense (this stuff ain't cheap!), but as i know it will totally stand the test of time (unless i break it), then it is totes worth it. 

So i thought i'd share with you today some goodies from the Marimekko site, so that we can admire their loveliness together. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Also known as Grainline's Lakeside Pajamas (couldn't help adding a little something for the Latrobe Valley peeps out there!), as modelled by the wonderful Jen (company founder/pattern maker/sewer extraordinaire) in the images below. 

(all images from the Grainline blog)

I seriously can't get enough of Grainline. It is seriously what all of my sewing prayers have been asking for! Simple, stylish, non-fussy, non-naff sewing patterns (and blog!), that sew up super easily and look great on too! Seriously, are these things too much to ask?? I would have thought not, but the Spotlight/Lincraft pattern counter tells quite a different story...

(i need to stop saying "seriously"...)

ANYWAY, i purchased this lovely little pattern just this evening (should have been summarising some crazy long and hard article about Subaltern Studies for my Writing Cultural History tute tomorrow, but i felt inspired to do sewing stuff after looking at the lovely Vika Gazinskaya on a post my friend Sigrid had put up on her blog. You should totes go have a look, well worth it, as both Sig and Vika are VERY talented ladies! ANYWAY, i digress...)

I got a cute PJ set from Topshop when i was in the UK in January, and though cute as, after a few washes the fabric has become all ball-y and pill-ey (a word?). So i figure that these will make a very nice substitute for the upcoming warmer months (although, i have to say my tracksuit/hoodie sleeping outfit isn't being altered for some weeks/months yet). 

So i thought i'd start the ball rolling by checking out some pretty fabrics that have potential for the sewing project. All of these are lovely Liberty of London Tana Lawns from the Tessuti online shop. BUT i'm not sure i'm ready to cough up $45 per meter just yet, no matter how nice the fabrics are! Seriously. (Oops!) But anyway, for the sake of brainstorming ideas, i thought i'd show off my favourites from their range. 

The first one is by far my favourite. Wonderfully bright and florally, in that oh-so-non-subtle 70s way. 

But for now, it is back to the uni study slog, with the Lakeside PJs having to wait for another day!


Thursday, August 8, 2013



This thrilling tale begins with a free Clinique make-up bag, owned by my sister and often used by myself. But one day, the sister decided to claim it back as her own, and i was at a loss as to what i could put my make-up in. You see, i faced the terrible issue of owning bags that were either too big or too small. None were as perfectly sized as that damn Clinique one!

Sitting in a lecture hall at university, pondering this conundrum of mine (as you do), i realised that i had at my disposal the ability to make all that was wrong, right. You see, i could just sew my OWN version of that perfect bag. 

And so that is exactly what i did. 

Above is the infamous original. I don't even particularly like its pattern and fabric, but they were overlooked for its perfect dimensions.

I started by assembling my fabrics. I figured i needed something with quite a bit of body and stiffness to it, but as i didn't have anything with enough weight in a pretty pattern, i combined the [thin] fabric of a vintage (read: old, from op shop) pillow case with a heavy twill to be used as lining (the orange stuff). The size was figured out by simply measuring the above bag, and adding seam allowances

For added strength, i lined the main, outer fabric with some iron-on interfacing

Outer and lining fabrics cut

i found a lilac zip that matched the size of the cut fabric pieces, and sewed it down, right side of zip to right side of fabric. I the repeated this step for the other pattern piece...

...resulting in this, as seen from the outside

and as seen from the inside. I then sewed the bottom and side seams together.

To give the bag some structure, i marked off each bottom corner of the bag, and sewed it closed...

...creating this effect. The seams were simply pinking sheared, to prevent fraying.

My only real concern was this gaping opening at one end of the zip. I decided to rectify this by sewing in a little tab, to cover/fill the gap as well as provide something to grab onto.

This was simply done by getting some ribbon and sewing in to the side seams, on the inside of the bag. I tied a knot into it basically for aesthetic reasons - it just looked better with it!

(Pinned down and ready to be sewn)

* * *

Et Voila!
(pretty much the extent of my seven years of french education)

One just-as-good-as-my-sister's-Clinique bag! I've taken a shot with them next to one another, so that they may be compared. Isn't mine wayyyyyy better?!? (Maybe don't answer that, let me continue my state of smugness!) And all done in an afternoon. This afternoon in fact!

And one final shot of the bag in action!

Actually, this is about 1/8 of the make-up i own and use, but i thought it would be a bit ridiculous to show the reality (i.e the bag being full to the brim...)

The End.