Sunday, August 25, 2013


Summer isn't my favourite season (correction: Australian summer), but if someone was offering me a Swedish summer house, in the Stockholm archipelago, well then, it really would be rude of me to refuse!

Such a house would/could/should resemble something like the beauty displayed below. Simple, refined and elegant in all of its concrete-y glory. Oh and that view! Mannn that view. 

I'll move in tomorrow, thanks. 


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  1. Oh my gosh this house. Woah! Seriously how amazing would it be to live in something like that? I'm actually surprised it is in Sweden and not in Australia because that is one of those things that most stuck out to me when I've visited there- your guys' architecture is incredible!! At least compared to the US where everything is dull and drab. No you guys actually keep things interesting and build things in new ways and with new designs and I loved that, makes me want to move there even more. (like everything else does of course. :)

    I'm amazed at how beautiful they've made concrete look with this house though. I think of concrete as one of the most, I don't know, dull? forms of material and they have managed to completely change my mindset on that.
    Thanks for sharing this by the way, I love stuff like this. :)

    1. I know right?! "Woah" is by far the best way to explain it! It is funny you see Australian style as similar to Swedish/Scandi style, because, in a lot of ways it very much takes cues from it. But please don't think we all live in such amazing houses, beach-fronted and pooled and BBQing all the time! haha, but i definitely think Australians like to live a lot of their lives outside, and the architecture reflects that. I also think, compared to say the UK or the US (have only been once, when i was 7, so can't really say i'm an expert!), we don't have the same depth of architectural history (our oldest buildings are generally Victorian, and built only around the mid to late 1800s), so i would say that we have more free reign to develop new styles, as we are not tied down by tradition.

      Haha wow, i didn't think i had that much to say on the matter! And having said all of that, i desperately want to visit the US again, and go to all of those amazing plantation estates and mansions in the south, so i guess it is a bit of the case of "the grass is always greener"!

      Anyway, i'm glad i'm not the only one who likes this kind of stuff. I mean, i'm only 24, so am in no position to be having one of these beauties for myself for a very long time, if ever! but it is always nice to dream and admire! (and yes, i love it when such a simple and mundane and dull thing like concrete gets a new lease on life!)