Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Also known as Grainline's Lakeside Pajamas (couldn't help adding a little something for the Latrobe Valley peeps out there!), as modelled by the wonderful Jen (company founder/pattern maker/sewer extraordinaire) in the images below. 

(all images from the Grainline blog)

I seriously can't get enough of Grainline. It is seriously what all of my sewing prayers have been asking for! Simple, stylish, non-fussy, non-naff sewing patterns (and blog!), that sew up super easily and look great on too! Seriously, are these things too much to ask?? I would have thought not, but the Spotlight/Lincraft pattern counter tells quite a different story...

(i need to stop saying "seriously"...)

ANYWAY, i purchased this lovely little pattern just this evening (should have been summarising some crazy long and hard article about Subaltern Studies for my Writing Cultural History tute tomorrow, but i felt inspired to do sewing stuff after looking at the lovely Vika Gazinskaya on a post my friend Sigrid had put up on her blog. You should totes go have a look, well worth it, as both Sig and Vika are VERY talented ladies! ANYWAY, i digress...)

I got a cute PJ set from Topshop when i was in the UK in January, and though cute as, after a few washes the fabric has become all ball-y and pill-ey (a word?). So i figure that these will make a very nice substitute for the upcoming warmer months (although, i have to say my tracksuit/hoodie sleeping outfit isn't being altered for some weeks/months yet). 

So i thought i'd start the ball rolling by checking out some pretty fabrics that have potential for the sewing project. All of these are lovely Liberty of London Tana Lawns from the Tessuti online shop. BUT i'm not sure i'm ready to cough up $45 per meter just yet, no matter how nice the fabrics are! Seriously. (Oops!) But anyway, for the sake of brainstorming ideas, i thought i'd show off my favourites from their range. 

The first one is by far my favourite. Wonderfully bright and florally, in that oh-so-non-subtle 70s way. 

But for now, it is back to the uni study slog, with the Lakeside PJs having to wait for another day!


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