Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Sorry, don't mean to repeat content but i couldn't not share with you my recent acquisition! My very own slice of Marimekko! 

I picked them up from a wonderful shop in Barwon Heads called Kiitos (according to the lovely shop owner, this means 'Thank you' in Finnish). I seriously love this shop. It is full of wonderful homewares, in bright colours and great designs. If anyone is heading down that way, they SERIOUSLY need to check out this place!

And the owner even threw in a free stack of matching napkins!


  1. i adore Marimekko (who doesn't? Only zombies) and I adore tea. My only problem with this set is that the tea pot is a little too small for the amount of tea I swallow. Does they come in larger sizes? I know that's a japanese teapot, right? I want an english one. Those one with large and round bellies. For heavy tea drinkers.

    1. Surprisingly, the pot actually does hold quite a lot! But yeah, it is definitely not the tea pot for strong english "builders tea" (i have a separate, round teapot for when i want that kind of tea!). This is for a more delicate infusion type of tea, like the japanese blends. So not versatile, but lovely all the same!