Friday, September 20, 2013


As much as sunny summer days are lovely, the thought of 40+ temperatures (104+F) in the coming summer make me want to emigrate to Scotland. HOWEVER, as we are yet to reach such extremes (it is pouring down here in Melbourne), i can still enjoy the finer aspects that an Australian summer shall offer. 

So when i saw this amazing house (and garden and owners) on The Design Files, all the lovely sunny summer emotions swept over me. I LOVE THIS PLACE! I love how it seems to exude coolness (both in temperature and in character). I couldn't imagine that anyone living in those blue and white rooms could ever suffer from heat exhaustion!

And the garden is such a lovely combination of refreshing greenery, crisp sunlight and cooling white. 

I work close to where this couple live, so i may just be knocking on their door come the scorching heat of February, begging them to let me stay. Seriously. 


As someone who is on the market for a nice outside dining setting, i can honestly say that this one is the best i've seen! If only IKEA sold it...

I love patterned tiles in kitchens. None of that boring glass splashback crap!

I'm thinking Jerry Seinfeld's parents condo in Florida!

How amazing is this vanity?!

Gah! Love!

Mr. and Mrs. Kagan. Too cute!

All images from The Design Files


  1. everything is just amazing here! i love the blue tones!

    lindsey louise

  2. Blue's my favourite colour so imagine how much I love that house! The decoration is simple yet with so much personal style. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. It is one amazing house! I also love the personality of the place, and i love the idea that this older couple have lived and surrounded themselves with things they cherish and value (and that are stylish too!) Please watch my blog in the next few weeks for images of my version of your lovely Malvarosa dress!